Sunday, 19 October 2014

October Shop Update

What's new in my shop for October? I've been working hard on adding some great new items for Fall and here some of them are:

1. Turquoise and Feather Sterling Silver Layer Necklace

2. Turquoise Southwest Nugget Necklace

3. Quantum Quattro Wire Wrapped Necklace

4. Pyrite Cube Geometric Necklace

5. Pal Pink Coral and Turquoise Necklace

6. Cowrie Beach Shell Necklace

7. Love and Fertility Rose Quartz Necklace

8. Clear Quartz Dream Necklace

9. Amazonite Choker Necklace

10. Amazonite Natural State Stone Necklace

Have a great weekend! Check back soon for my next Autumn Beauty Post, and I will be having a GIVEAWAY very soon!

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Colors that Inspire

When I originally moved out of my family home to get married 7 years ago the internet was not very inspiring, and so I decorated my new apartment without too much thought. I brought items with me from my single days at home, and so did my husband and we meshed them together.

Seven years later, and I now think it is time for an update.  Now you can find great inspiration online from websites such as Pinterest, Etsy and Chairish when it comes to how to decorate your home. I  do still love the colors that I picked for my apartment, because the peach is inviting, so that I always feel happy and warm in my main living room. As for our bedroom, I am not sure if I would paint it a deep rich red again. It is a bit too dark and gives too much of a cool feeling, but it does have that sexy mood I was going for, so  I will stick with it.

 If you are looking to decorate a new home or revamp a few new rooms, posted here is an Infographic from Chairish which is really helpful when choosing colors that mix well with one another.

Below are some looks for the home which inspired me and got me excited about revamping my apartment. Check out Chairish for a variety of really stunning accent chairs, and if your looking for some really unique Art work to hang on your wall, Etsy is the place to go. I picked a lot of items with in the Light Bright and Modern feel, since its usually what I am drawn to and it would look good with what is currently in my home.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Instagram Round Up

Okay, so where have I been this month? I've been out and about, taking lots of photos and posting it up on Instagram. I love photography and capturing a moment, a cool color or texture, or just a silly picture of my dog.  Check out these few pictures I have posted here from the end of August until now. I have been enjoying this warm Autumn we have had so far, and taking as many pictures as I can. I will  be posting less  on my blog as the busy Christmas season picks up, but checkout Instagram to see what I have been up to. Check out my Facebook for news about up coming sales.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Baobab Batik

Baobab Batik was a shop  in Swasilland that I became aware of when my mom came back from her three week trip to South Africa. She brought me the beautiful tree wall hanging and I thought it was so beautiful that I checked out their website for more information on the process.

The artists apply melted was onto fabric to outline the design before dyers add each color by hand. The wax is then removed through boiling the fabric. Finally the seamstresses sew the batik fabric into handmade Batik products.

I have taken a little information from their website to share with you. Check the site out for even more information .

Baobab Batik works with over 25 inspiring artisans, all women and predominantly single mothers. With the growing responsibility and the shift in women’s roles in communities, Baobab Batik believes in providing them with tools to adapt to their changing circumstances.
The artisans work together as a team, ‘Under African Skies’. They each specialize in waxing, dyeing or sewing; combining their energy, talent and enthusiasm into each and every product. On the website you can read about some of these women and learn about them.

Whilst dedicated to offering high quality handmade products with great customer service, we are also committed to personal development amongst our staff through social and creative workshops. These include life skills training, HIV/AIDS awareness, First Aid training, skills development and self-defence classes.

We are a member of SWIFT (Swaziland Fair Trade), an organization that supports the development of the handcraft industry in the country and adhere to fair trade principles through all our practices.

I would love to be able to shop online and buy something directly from Baobab Batik. They have some very beautiful home decor pieces as well as some interesting tops that I would love to wear. I hope that in the future they will expand their products and online presence so that people can buy from them directly. For now I will have to be content on enjoying my baobab tree ( which my mom picked especially for me because she know me so well).

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Saturday Morning Words

Don't forget I am giving away two necklaces, so enter to win! It's easy, just go to my facebook page and like, comment and share the post. You can also enter on Instagram, by sharing the post, liking and commenting. Have a great weekend and I hope you like my words of wisdom post.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sunday Giveaway!

It's time for another Giveaway! This time I am giving away an Angel Wing Necklace, similar to one in my shop, and this necklace comes with a Clear Quartz Triangular wire wrapped stone. You can wear them layered, with the quartz a bit shorter, or wear them on their own. The winner will choose the length needed. All of the details to enter are on my Facebook page. This Giveaway will end on September 3rd, and the winner will be contacted and announced on Facebook.

Monday, 11 August 2014

What's to Come

Where has the summer gone? We have had a nice one here in Toronto, and you can find a lot of my pictures from the summer on my Instagram page.  I posted this picture of my Hamsa Turquoise necklace that was won during my last Giveaway. Anastasia was sweet enough to post this picture on her Instagram and I was so happy to see her wearing it. If you love Yoga, check out her Instagram page for some really great and inspiring yoga poses.

I think it is almost time for another GIVEAWAY! Check back by the end of the week for the details.

Saturday, 26 July 2014


A post for all Cat lovers like myself! I thought I would collect some of the cute and adorable cat items found on I had to buy myself the number 2 cat coin purse seen in the first photo, adorable and affordable. I hope you like the other wonderful cat items and enjoy the rest of Caturday!

1. Cat coin purse by:

2. Soft Serve Kitties Print, by Nellie Le

3.  Snow White Ghost Kitty, by Eyecream Jewelry

4. Cat Glass, by Naputa's Secret Garden

5. Waste Another Day, by Double Parlour
 6. Kitty Face Cup, by Konoko Shop

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Shop Sale!

I hope you are enjoying your Saturday! Right now I am just getting together some new pieces to make and packaging some sold items to go out for Monday. As you can see I am having a 30% off SALE in my Fauna and Forest shop. If you love something there take advantage of this sale since I won't be having another in a long time. This sale ends today! I also am having a Christmas in July sale in my Love n Lavish shop where I am giving 15% off everything, and this ends tomorrow evening. Have a great weekend!